Friday, January 8, 2010

Unfuddle Mylyn Connector for Eclipse IDE

Unfuddle is an excellent source code hosting and online project management tool. It has a nicely done bug ticketing system, but I wanted something much cooler, a Mylyn Connector for Unfuddle.

Mylyn is an Eclipse plugin that makes it easy to create and edit tasks (or issues/tickets/bugs whatever you call it) right inside the Eclipse IDE. Mylyn also allows the developer to work locally (offline), and the changes can be synchronized with the remote task repository when online.

I work in Java primarily with SpringSource Tool Suite, which has Mylyn built-in. It made me sad that I seldom use Mylyn while working with Unfuddle-hosted projects... but that's old news.

Fortunately for me and all of you, Andronic Trandafir this morning brought good news that Unfuddle has developed the Unfuddle Mylyn Connector. They're running limited tests with some customers, and I'm lucky enough to have that privilege.

Unfuddle Plugin Installation on SpringSource Tool Suite

Installation couldn't be easier, just copy that plugin JARs into the Eclipse dropins folder, then restart Eclipse.

I was using SpringSource Tool Suite 2.3.0, the installation was flawless. Unfuddle plugin was immediately installed, no plugin conflicts whatsoever. This is quite a feat on Unfuddle developers' part because SpringSource Tool Suite is a very complex IDE.

Experience of Unfuddling in Mylyn

Setup Task Repository:

Synchronizing tickets from Unfuddle to Mylyn:

Editing a Ticket:

Want It?

At the time of this writing, Unfuddle Mylyn Connector is still in beta testing phase. Post your request in Unfuddle Community Forums to see if you can get a copy.

Unfuddle Mylyn Connector has been released. Check out their blog post announcing this plugin.