Friday, January 8, 2010

Installing Voxeo Prophecy 9 on Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10

Voxeo Prophecy is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) speech server supporting VoiceXML, ccXML, SCXML, SIP, and related standards.

Prophecy only officially supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), but with some tweaks, it can be configured to run on Ubuntu.

Installing Voxeo Prophecy on Ubuntu

After you download Voxeo Prophecy, you need to do some preparation steps:
  1. Create symbolic links for supporting libraries:
    sudo su
    ln -s /lib/ /lib/
    ln -s /lib/ /lib/
    ln -s /usr/lib/pm-utils/functions /etc/init.d/functions
    ln -s /lib/ /lib/
  2. Still as root, install Voxeo Prophecy:
    The installation should finish successfully, although with "some errors.":
    The installation of Voxeo Prophecy is finished, but some errors occurred during the install.  Please see the installation log for details.

  3. If you have a license, copy license.xml to /opt/voxeo/config.
    If you don't have a license yet, follow instructions to run Voxeo Prophecy below and get a license as soon as possible. If your Voxeo Prophecy trial installation license expires, you will not be able to generate a license automatically and must contact Voxeo support to get a license. (believe me, I've been there)
  4. Create the /var/lock/subsys directory:
    mkdir -p /var/lock/subsys

Prophecy is now installed on your Ubuntu system.

Starting Voxeo Prophecy on Ubuntu

To run Prophecy, you cannot use "prophecy start". You need to run these commands manually:
sudo su
/etc/init.d/voxeo-vdirectory start
/etc/init.d/voxeo-vmc start
/etc/init.d/voxeo-vsipmethod start
/etc/init.d/voxeo-vserver start
/etc/init.d/voxeo-vxml start

Shutting Down Voxeo Prophecy on Ubuntu

To stop/shutdown Prophecy, run these commands:
sudo su
/etc/init.d/voxeo-vxml stop
/etc/init.d/voxeo-vserver stop
/etc/init.d/voxeo-vsipmethod stop
/etc/init.d/voxeo-vmc stop
/etc/init.d/voxeo-vdirectory stop

Uninstalling Voxeo Prophecy

Uninstallation process is still the same, run the following commands:
sudo su
rm -rf /opt/voxeo

Why Voxeo Prophecy?

You might be wondering what an IVR server is doing on a Spring/Java EE blog.

I feel that this information could be useful to others, and I can't find a better place to publish it. :-)

Who knows maybe you're also working with IVR?