Tuesday, April 12, 2011

JSF 2.0 Cookbook [Java EE 6 Book]

Looking for a JSF 2.0 book that covers Java EE 6 web development? JSF 2.0 Cookbook from Packt Publishing might be what you're looking for.

The JSF 2.0 Cookbook contains step-by-step instructions for JSF users to build desktop-style interfaces in their own web applications. The book is designed so that you can refer to it chapter by chapter, or you can look at the list of recipes and read them in no particular order. This book is for two types of audience: Newcomers who know the basics of JSF but are yet to develop real JSF applications. JSF developers who have previous experience but are lacking best practices and a standard way of implementing functionality.

Written by Anghel Leonard:

The author is a senior Java developer with more than 12 years of experience in Java SE, Java EE, and the related frameworks. He has written and published more than 20 articles about Java technologies and more than 100 tips and tricks. He has also written two books about XML and Java (one for beginners and one for advanced developers). During this time, he has developed web applications using the latest technologies on the market. In the past two years, he has focused on developing RIA projects for GIS fields. He is interested to bring on web as much desktop as possible, therefore GIS applications represents a real challenge for him.

Some reviews:

I give Anghel Leonard's JSF 2.0 Cookbook ([...]) a qualified recommendation, but with a couple of caveats. Certainly he succeeds in providing JSF recipes that, taken as a whole, are worthwhile for the typical developer to know.

I would also like to recommend this book to anybody who is interested in what can be achieved server side, very quickly and with little prior knowledge. JSF 2.0 cookbook explains well how JSF can be used in conjunction other technologies

This book covers the new features of JSF 2 in the form of about 100 hundred recipes. In my opinion these recipes give a good overview of the new capabilities of the latest version of JSF

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