Saturday, February 20, 2010

Subclipse Commit Hangs, Cannot Cancel, Blocks Save

Consider this scenario: You're committing a changeset to your Subversion repository with Subclipse in Eclipse IDE.

The Subversion commit takes a long time, probably due to flaky network connection (which happens often). In the meantime, you continue working and make changes. Somehow, the commit never finished, so you cancel. Alas, Subclipse cannot immediately cancel, it can only give you "Cancel Requested".

Subclipse apparently provides no clean way of stopping an SVN commit operation and restarting the commit in the case of network problems. Even worse, all your work in progress cannot be saved, since Subclipse is blocking it:

The window above has been showing in my screen for about 10 minutes now, and it will never go away anyway... until I quit Eclipse or (if I can't do that) kill Eclipse process by force.

I can't even save my files! It's very frustrating. Even if Subclipse cannot cancel SVN commit cleanly, it should allow me to at least save my files so I can restart Eclipse and try again!

Update: Submitted bug to Subclipse issue tracker